Refer A Friend

This offer is ONLY applicable for our valued customers who had purchased off us before. For every new friend you refer, you will both be rewarded. During your friend’s first purchase, after clicking ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’, he/she will be redirected to the checkout page. In the checkout page, tell him/her to look for the ‘Order Notes’ section, and simply input YOUR email we have on file with you in the notes. We will then record your reward in to our system. You will be gifted 3.5 FREE grams of your choice. We will be reaching out to you personally via Email to specify which strain of 3.5 grams you want. You will be earning your rewards collectively and your rewards will be sent out to you along with your next order. The great thing about this deal is that it’s unlimited. There is no limit to the amount of referral’s that you can make – the more friends that you refer, the more you’ll earn!


Make sure you inform your friends they get 1 FREE pre-roll with their first purchase.


This is a win-win situation for everyone.

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